Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Singing at the Incovar Family Day.

On 11th April 2006 (Tuesday)
from 12.30pm - 3.30pm at BGF Centre,
i.gemz (comprising of Tan Siew Chan and Daniel Kwok )
was invited to do a sing-a-long...
... and perhaps a little soft selling...
...some live instruments
with live mobile phone recording
(note Adrian Wong's handphone
on the bottom right)...
... and some of Beng Tatt's sweet bananas for health.
pictures courtesy of Goh Sue San.
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Monday, April 10, 2006

See you soon Bandar Melaka!

Taken during the MBCS Fundrising Dinner December 2005.
igemz's Daniel and Sue San is seen with Mr and Mrs Kenny Chan from SKH Temple, Melaka. We have been invited to go perform for:

29-Apr-06 (Saturday)
An Evening of Buddhist Music
Wisma SKH (Melaka)

i.gemz will be performing "live" with other great Malaysian Buddhist bands there... See you soon!
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Fun Fund Raising Dinner with MBCS

December 2005 - igemz singing for an awareness campaign and fundrising dinner for MBSC - "Saying Goodbye with a Smile"
on top: Tan Siew Chan, singing "The Brahma of my Heart".
below: Daniel Kwok singing the theme song "Love Will See You Home". The song was especially written for MBCS by Daniel Kwok
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With Music comes Love!

Khoo Nee Sern of i.gemz fame proposing to his sweet heart of 6 years Lee Swee Feng at her office.
Can't you just hear the distant wedding bells... and the wedding singers?
Congratulations you two... We wish you love, joy and blessings... i.gemz loves you both!
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i.gemz members are NOT Wedding Singers.

It is Sue&Dan's wedding! The group above comprising of (from left) Tan Siew Chan, Toh Anson, Khoo Nee Sern, Chia Sue Lynn and Poh Wee Fah are caught on camera singing the i.gemz hit "My Beautiful Friend". But kindly note that the i.gemz are NOT wedding singers.
From left: Khoo Nee Sern, Lee Swee Feng, Fred and Mooi Chee Onn. Big smiles everyone!
Poh Wee Fah, the polished and unshakable MC of the evening. Posted by Picasa

Sue & Dan 26 February 2006

Anson Toh, playing Jazz Piano at the Shangri-La Grand Ballroom foyer.
The other lovely couple, Khoo Nee Sern and Lee Swee Feng.
The evening's most loving couple, both i.gemz members: Bride Goh Sue San & Groom Daniel Kwok.
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Going Pink with Sue&Dan

SueSan and Daniel at Setenang, Taman Mayang for the "Reach In to Reach Out" Buddha @Home Wesak Celebration on Saturday 7 April. Notice the pink and white ribbons symbolising a heart shape pinned on our shirts. Posted by Picasa

Buddha@Home, Setenang, Taman Mayang

Daniel Kwok performing at the Launch of Buddha @Home Wesak Celebration for honoured guests. DK wrote and sang the theme song, "Reach In to Reach Out" to a very receptive crowd whom later joined in and sang along. For more information on the 3 month long Wesak celebration, please visit http://www.buddhaathome.org/ and join in our 100 Days of Good Heart activity. Posted by Picasa