Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuesday 25 July: A Night of Planning and Fun!

Penang Fan and Friends can now hope to catch i.gemz in September
Catch us live at Bosch Hall, Caring Society Complex on
Saturday 16 September 2006, 7-10pm

A good jamming session for the gang after a good Discussion/Planning meet.
We sang some oldies, pop songs... everything else lah...
from left: Goh Jing Pei, Chia Sue Lynn, Goh Sue San, Toh Anson, Daniel Kwok, Poh Wee Fah, Tan Siew Chan and Chia Sue Ann

Chia Sue Ann & Goh Jing Pei

Chia Sue Lynn

Poh Wee Fah & Tan Siew Chan

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Being Inspired by "The Melody of Truth & Beauty"

We were invited by the YBAM's Melody Of Truth And Beauty Hymn Composition Contest on 8 July 2006 , not to compete as participants (since everyone had to compose and sing in Mandarin) but to entertain the audience with 2 i.gemz English hits while the judges deliberate the results. It was beautifully organized and we too were impressed! Wow...We were given in this orange envelope our Token of Appreciation from YBAM. Thanks!
from left to right: Poh Wee Fah, Daniel Kwok and Toh Anson

Daniel Kwok singing "The Dharma Shines In Me"
Poh Wee Fah singing "Reach Out"

photos by Goh Sue San
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